Whats up?

Whats up stillWhats up???I have always seen a lot of ppl at the mammoth and always at the dock for some reason.I dont get it.Someone said that famouse penguins go there but i dont believe it though.Ive got pics of it.Click to inlarge.

Keep it cool 😎




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  1. famous penguins do go on it paintboy does antras does they’re the most famous penguins in cp!
    Editers comment:yea i know that but why do they go there anyways.

  2. A lot of members go there, but if you’re a nonmember, it is always full for you, so if you are a member, it’s not that full.

    Editors comment:Cool theres a lot of ppl there when your a member just think how many will be there if your a nonmember

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