Your penguin

I also want to know about your penguin.You can tell what clothes you wear mostly or you can tell where you mostly go or your favorite go on tell me.Waddle On!!

Keep it cool 😎




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  1. Ok sure I go on (uk) frozen or (us) Icepalace 2nd page

  2. Hi I’m Slimball2007. Sorry I can’t put my real name.I am a boy and I am Japanese and french and I live in America. I am 9 and a half years old. My hobby is Playing clubpenguin and PLAYING WITH MY MOM!!!!! My favorite food is Cucumber and peppers!! Yummy:) lol. I like to play soccer for sports and batmington. I always have a ring with a heart on my finger but not when I sleep. Also I like to play with dogs and puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re so cute and fun!!! On Saturdays I go to Japanese school!!!!!! I love That school because I have lots of friends there. Thats all bye!!

  3. i go on frosen and i go on my member ty3248 hes part mod

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